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If you’re bored of your usual cycle or walking routes, or want to get more active outside, but aren’t sure where to start, you can try our family-friendly routes. 

There are short, medium and long route options, so you can choose one to suit you.

The shorter routes are ideal for families with younger children and can easily be completed on a balance bike or scooter or perfect for little legs to wander. Once you have completed the shorter routes, you can build your way up to a longer one. 

Each route takes you through some of Chelmsford’s prettiest scenery. They avoid large roads with safety in mind, so are perfect for building confidence. The maps also highlight interesting places to visit along the way, spots to take a pitstop, and the best backdrops for a family selfie. Some of them even have ping-pong tables en-route, so you can mix it up with a different form of exercise! 

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings when cycling or walking, and it also helps to keep routes fresh and interesting. So, each map comes with a quiz to see if you paid attention along the way! 

The ‘I Spy’ challenges on the second page of the map tests your observation skills. There’s a prize draw for you to enter if you answer all the questions correctly, so keep your eyes peeled…

You can view the terms and conditions for the prize draw.

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