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Join ourChelmsford to make savings, connect with your interests and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

ourChelmsford membership

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To use our centres, and to book some of our sessions in advance, you'll need an ourChelmsford account. 

There are free accounts, or annual ones which give you great discounts.

What is ourChelmsford?

ourChelmsford gives you an account that's tailored to your individual lifestyle.

It provides you with fantastic benefits when you use any of our four leisure centres: 

  • Riverside Leisure Centre
  • Chelmsford Sport and Athletics Centre
  • South Woodham Ferrers Leisure Centre 
  • Dovedale Sports Centre  

When you sign up, you’ll receive special offers, promotions and early booking privileges. 

You’ll also receive a free card and a personal account tailored to your lifestyle. 

All accounts use the same card, so you don’t need to get a new one if you choose to upgrade your account at any time. 

What type of accounts can I choose from?

  • Lite account – Lite is free to join and allows online bookings up to 2 days in advance for some activities. You must have a Lite account to use our leisure centres. 

  • Plus account - upgrade to a Plus account for just £13 per year and save up to £1 per activity. Plus, enjoy 7-day advance booking privileges.

  • Premium memberships - Recommended for regular users of our leisure facilities. 

How do I join?

What about Leisure Plus?

  • ourChelmsford accounts replace the Leisure Plus scheme. You'll need to sign up for an ourChelmsford account to be able to use our leisure centres.
  • If you have any queries, you can contact the centres online
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