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What goes in each bin

What goes in each bin

To recycle in Chelmsford, you will have a:

  • green recycling box 

  • grey kitchen food waste caddy
  • green external food waste bin
  • clear sack for plastics
  • white paper sack
  • white cardboard sack
  • brown garden waste bin
  • black non-recyclables bin           

You can also request a special collection.

You can find out how to recycle or dispose of different items by:

  • searching for the specific item

  • selecting the regular collection, which will display all of the items you can put in that bin, bag or box

You can dispose of some items at your local Recycling Centre.

ItemRegular collectionSpecial collectionRecycling Centre
Bubble wrapBlack non-recyclables bin Accepted at your local Recycling Centre
Builders' rubble  Accepted at your local Recycling Centre
Building materials  Accepted at your local Recycling Centre
CalculatorsGreen recycling box  
CamerasGreen recycling box  
Cans (food and drink)Green recycling box  
CardboardCardboard sack  
Cardboard egg boxesCardboard sack  
Cardboard food packagingCardboard sack  
Carpet Available on requestAccepted at your local Recycling Centre

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