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Clear sack for plastics

We provide clear sacks for you to recycle plastics, such as carrier bags, milk bottles and yoghurt pots.

You can check what you can put in your clear sack for plastics by looking at our list or by viewing our recycling your plastics page.

If you can't find the item you want to dispose of in this list, you can search by item instead.

Our waste and recycling collections are currently running as normal, with no disruptions

The household recycling centres are run by Essex County Council. You can check the Love Essex website for announcements.

ItemBin, box or sack
Black plastic food trays (rinsed and free from food residue)Clear sack for plastics
Carrier bagsClear sack for plastics
Cartons (such as for milk, fruit juice and other drinks)Clear sack for plastics
Cling filmClear sack for plastics
Coffee pods (empty)Clear sack for plastics
Flower pots (plastic)Clear sack for plastics
Fruit and vegetable punnets (plastic)Clear sack for plastics
Household cleaner bottlesClear sack for plastics
Ice cream tubsClear sack for plastics
Margarine tubsClear sack for plastics


We collect the clear sacks for plastics every two weeks. You can check your collection dates by entering your postcode or address.

Replacement sacks

Between September and October, we deliver a roll of clear sacks to every household. The roll contains enough sacks for you to use one a week, and should last for 12 months. 

You can't order a sack for plastics, but you can view our guidance to using your plastic sacks effectively. This includes advice such as not putting out half-full sacks or using sacks for other purposes.

What happens to your plastics

You can find out more about what happens to your recycling.


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Last updated: 25 March 2020

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