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From 29 October, we are changing our recycling and waste collection routes. This means your collection days may change. You can read more about the changes.

To find out how to dispose of a particular item, you can:

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ItemBin, box or sack
AerosolsGreen recycling box
Aluminium cans, foil and trays Green recycling box
Animal beddingBlack non-recyclables bin
Animal waste or litterBlack non-recyclables bin
AsbestosSee information from Recycle for Essex
Baked goodsFood waste bin
BakewareLocal recycling centre
BatteriesLocal recycling centre or any shop that sells batteries
BeansFood waste bin
Bed framesSpecial collection


Special collections

We offer special collections for large items, clinical waste and incontinence waste. We also offer a free assisted collection service if you have difficulty moving your bins, boxes and sacks.

You can find more information and request a special collection.


Local recycling centre

You can find your local recycling centre.

Essex County Council manage the recycling centres. We will not be able to help if you contact us with a query about your local centre.

Each recycling centre has different opening times, restrictions and items that they do not accept. Before you go to your recycling centre, you need to check this information.


Information from Recycle for Essex

Essex County Council's Recycle for Essex gives advice about how to dispose of different items.

You can look at their information if your item is something we don't collect, and is something your local recycling centre will not accept.

Disposing of asbestos

We do not collect asbestos, and you can't take it to your local recycling centre.

You can request an asbestos collection from Essex County Council.

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