Many flats in Chelmsford have communal recycling bins, which we collect. 

By sorting your waste materials at home, we can provide a high-quality, clean product that is highly sought after by recycling factories. This helps part-fund our recycling services, saving taxpayers’ money.

You can also download our recycling and waste collection policy.


We are responsible for providing and collecting recycling and waste bins. We provide you with a reusable flats recycling bag to help you take your waste materials to the bin store. If you need a bag, you can contact us.

You and your property owner, managing agent or landlord are responsible for ensuring that the bin store area is safe, secure, clean. You and your agent must also make sure the bins are correctly presented for collection. This means you should put all materials inside of the bins with the bin lid shut.

New blocks of flats in Chelmsford should have enough space for bin storage, but older blocks may not. If this is the case where you live, you need to contact your property manager to ask about a larger bin store area. 

We will not collect additional waste, but you may be able to take it to a Recycling Centre for Household Waste (operated by Essex County Council). Alternatively, we offer a chargeable large items collections service.


We empty all recycling bins every two weeks, except for the food waste and paper and cardboard bins, which we empty weekly. 


Our flats recycling scheme includes:

  • plastics and cartons, in your communal plastics recycling bin
  • aerosols and food and drink cans, in your communal tins and cans recycling bin
  • glass bottles and jars, in your communal glass recycling bin
  • paper and cardboard, in your communal mixed paper and cardboard recycling bin
  • food waste, in your food waste recycling bin

You can check what goes in each bin or contact us to order a reusable recycling bag to help carry your waste materials to the bin store. 

General waste

You should only put small non-recyclable waste in the general waste bin.

If you have large items, you need to take them to a Recycling Centre for Household Waste (operated by Essex County Council). or arrange for a licensed waste carrier to collect them.

Garden waste

We do not provide a service for the collection of garden waste from flats. 

Your property manager is responsible for communal garden areas and the collection of garden waste for recycling. You can contact them for more information.

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