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Putting your bins out

You need to put your bins, boxes and sacks on your property boundary by 7am on the morning of your collection day.

If you live in a house, you can check your bin day online.

We will not collect your recycling and rubbish if you have:

  • used the wrong bin, box or sack for your items

  • overfilled your bin, and the lid does not fully close

  • put out black sacks to the side of your bin (side waste)

The only items we will collect outside of a bin, box or sack are:

  • clothes and paired shoes, if you put them out with your green recycling box in a tied carrier bag

  • small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), if you put it in or beside your green recycling box 

  • extra plastics, paper and card, if you put them out in separate clear bags on your normal collection day

If you have a large item that will not fit in your bin, you can request a large item collection.

If you find it difficult to put your bins, bags and boxes out, you can request an assisted collection.

Many flats in Chelmsford have communal recycling bins, which we collect. We list the collection day for selected flats.

We empty all recycling bins every two weeks, except for the food waste bins which we empty weekly. The collection day may vary.


We are a waste collection authority and are responsible for the provisions of recycling and waste bins and their collection.

We provide you with a reusable flats recycling bag to help you take your waste materials to the bin store. If you need a bag, you can contact us.

You and your Property Managing Agent are responsible for ensuring that the bin store area is safe, secure, clean. You and your agent must also make sure the bins are correctly presented for collection. This means all materials should be contained inside of the bins and the bin lid shut.

You need to speak to your Property Management Agent to discuss new or additional recycling arrangements in the first instance. They can contact us for more information.

Garden waste

We do not provide a service for the collection of garden waste from flats. 

Your Property Management Agency is responsible for communal garden areas and the collection of garden waste for recycling. You can contact them for more information.

Food waste

For flats where we provide food waste collections, we deliver a new roll of caddy liners each year around September/October. If you have not received these, you need to contact us by the end of October. 

You can also buy caddy liners from supermarkets or you can use newspaper to line your caddy.


You can view or download our recycling and waste collection policy for more details.

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Last updated: 24 November 2020

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