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Chelmsford, along with the rest of England, is now in lockdown until further notice. You can find out what this means and get other useful information on our coronavirus updates page.

Assisted collections

The household recycling centres are run by Essex County Council.

Request an assisted collection

We provide a free assisted collection service for residential properties within the Chelmsford area.

You can request this service if:

  • you find it difficult to move your bins, bags and boxes to the boundary of your property

  • you do not have anyone living in your home to help you

If you have an assisted collection, we will collect and empty your bins, bags and boxes, then return them to where you left them.

You will need to support your request with the reason why you need an assisted collection. The reason could be because:

  • there is no able bodied person living at your address
  • you are reliant on a carer, who does not live at your address
  • you have a permanent disability
  • you require short term assistance, due to an injury or operation

After you have submitted a request, we will call you. This is to discuss your request and agree where we can collect from.

If your request is successful, we will add your address to our list of assisted collections. This will take a maximum of ten working days.

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    Last updated: 18 January 2021

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