Order a new item

You can use our online form to order a new:

  • green recycling box
  • grey kitchen food waste caddy
  • green external food waste bin
  • white sack for paper
  • white sack for cardboard
  • brown garden waste bin

You can't order plastic sacks, black wheelie bins or food waste caddy liners online.

If you are having an issue looking up your address on our online request form, we suggest you check the data you have entered.

If you are entering your postcode, you should also enter your house number. Otherwise, the system will only return the first 20 addresses for that postcode, which may not include yours.

If you have entered your information correctly but are still unable to find your address, you can contact us. You should not put through your request using a different address instead.

Between September and October, we deliver a roll of clear sacks to every household. The roll contains enough sacks for you to use one a week, and should last for 12 months.

We do not deliver any additional clear sacks for plastics, either to homes or local outlets, such as libraries or parish councils.

This is because we want to:

  • reduce our use of single-use plastics, in line with our climate emergency declaration 
  • encourage residents to recycle more efficiently and not use the sacks for other purposes

To get the most out of your bags, we suggest that you wash, squash and put the lids back on plastic bottles. This will remove the air from the packaging and allow you to fit more in each sack.

We also recommend that you:

If you still need additional bags for recycling single-use plastics, you can buy clear bags from supermarkets, hardware shops or online retailers. We just ask that you make sure they are slightly transparent, so our collection operatives can identify the contents as plastic recycling. 

You should not: 

  • use black bin liners
  • take your clear sacks to an Essex County Council-operated Recycling Centre for Household Waste

They do not accept as many types of plastic packaging as our kerbside collection service and may not be able to recycle your plastic.

If you need a new black non-recyclables bin, you need to call us on  01245 615800 to request a new one.

You can't order more kitchen food waste caddy liners. 

Between September and October, we deliver a roll of liners to every household, and there should be enough liners on the roll for three a week.

If you do need more liners, you can buy them from the supermarket. You can also wrap your food waste in newspaper, and dispose of it in your external food waste bin. You can pick up free newspapers from railway stations.

Brown bins

If you are requesting a new brown bin as your current one is broken, you need to leave your damaged bin out for collection. 

You should also make sure the bin is empty. You should not order a replacement until you have had a collection and the bin is empty.

If the bin has been damaged in the process of collection and is still full, you need to call us to discuss on 01245 615800.

Cardboard and paper

You can also use other bags for your cardboard or paper, as long as they are clear so we can see what they contain. You need to put these bags out on your normal collection day.

Green recycling boxes

Our green recycling boxes do not come with a lid, as they have holes in the bottom to let out rainwater. If your box originally had a lid, we will not replace it.

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