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Climate emergency declaration and action plan

In July 2019, we declared a climate and ecological emergency (C&EE). 

In it, we pledged to review our own practices and implement changes to address carbon emissions and boost biodiversity. We set a target of net-zero carbon by 2030 within our buildings and operations.

You can view our action plan.



Progress so far

Our electricity now comes from 100% renewable sources, through our own Solar PV network and a renewable energy tariff with our supplier.

We are replacing lighting systems in our buildings and car parks with LED/motion sensors and regularly review our procurement policy, keeping climate change in mind.


Love Your Chelmsford

We have now launched a Love Your Chelmsford (LYC) website. This will be a hub for everything we are doing relating to the C&EE declaration and action plan. It will allow people and organisations to connect with us to address the issue.

The Love Your Chelmsford volunteers programme has been quietly championing environmental initiatives for over 20 years. It regularly runs events such as litter picks and tree planting. It also has a team of dedicated volunteers, who help tend to our parks and green spaces, whatever the weather.

The dedicated LYC website reflects the aims of our C&EE action plan and the ethos of reduce, re-use, recycle, re-think. It:

  • focuses how we can all address climate change and biodiversity loss
  • champions our local green spaces
  • invites people to engage with nature, whatever the season
  • changes our behaviour for the better, with ideas for educators and rainy days, recycled crafting and green living



We have provided guidance to developers in the form of Supplementary Planning Documents and the Livewell Accreditation scheme.

This outlines a way forward that will future-proof development, and helps restore much of the natural world on our doorstep. We are keen to avoid sacrificing our green spaces for the sake of growing the city.


Climate summit (October 2020)

We have created a ‘Chelmsford Climate Change Partnership’ so we can engage with external partners, other agencies and the wider community.  It will also allow us to celebrate examples of best practice to inspire action by others. We aspire to net zero-carbon status by 2030 for the whole Chelmsford district.

Future City is a green festival of ideas on how to grow a sustainable Chelmsford, tackling the themes of climate change, biodiversity and sustainability. It runs throughout October 2020.

We need to consider our legacy, and how we take partnerships forward. Clearly, we would wish to empower businesses, communities and community leaders to do this, supported by the council. We have already made connections with inspiring leaders in transition engineering, business, environmental and community hubs, who approached us following the Declaration.


Climate Ambassador 

Councillor Tom Willis is now our Climate Ambassador, working closely with Councillor Rose Moore, the Cabinet Member for Greener & Safer Chelmsford.

He will support the LYC team to maintain links with parishes, community groups, schools and local businesses.


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