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Fairtrade in Chelmsford

The Fairtrade Foundation is working to secure a better deal for farmers and workers. The recognisable Fairtrade mark on products represents trade chains that the Foundation considers fair to the producers.

As well as products being Fairtrade, towns, faith groups, schools and universities can also have Fairtrade status.

In 2004, Chelmsford became the first Fairtrade town in Essex. Now a city, Chelmsford continues its commitment to the principles of fair trade.

There are currently 85 retail and commercial companies in Chelmsford that meet the Fairtrade standard. Across the city, organisations supporting Fairtrade include:

  • 17 employers
  • 20 community groups
  • 29 churches
  • 22 educational bodies


Chelmsford, a Fairtrade City

In June 2018, the Fairtrade Foundation renewed Chelmsford’s status as a Fairtrade City. This is valid until 2020.

The Foundation awarded the certificate to Chelmsford City Fairtrade Campaign.

The Foundation said: "It’s been fantastic to hear about everything that you have achieved in the past two years. Your group has demonstrated an amazing drive to take your campaign forward and ensure Fairtrade becomes part of daily life in Chelmsford. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved for dedicating their time in our shared effort to make trade fair.”

We will continue to work with the Chelmsford City Fairtrade Campaign to ensure that we:

  • uphold our duties as the local authority for a Fairtrade City
  • are committed to using Fairtrade products
  • promote the Fairtrade principles to our suppliers, where appropriate


Information about Fairtrade

You can look at the Fairtrade Foundation for more information about the Fairtrade Foundation and their aims.

For information about Fairtrade in our city, you can:


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