Essex County Council-owned street lights

The majority of streetlights in Chelmsford are owned and maintained by Essex County Council. 

Report a faulty streetlight to ECC

You can also find more general information about ECC's streetlights, including part-night lighting and the roll-out of LED lighting.

Chelmsford City Council-owned streetlights

We own and maintain a limited number of streetlights, mostly on Chelmsford High Street, as well as in some of our parks and other selected locations. 

You can view a map of streetlights we own.

If you spot a problem with a CCC-owned streetlight, you can report it to us. You need to check the map first, to ensure we are responsible for the streetlight in question. We are unable to accept any report of streetlights that we do not own.

Report issue with CCC-owned streetlight

Other streetlights

There may be some streetlights that are not owned by ECC or by us. This includes lights on new developments or those on private roads.

If a road is private/un-adopted, then the local property owners are responsible. You may need to research who that is, using local property deeds, land registry records, parish or town council records, or any historic agreements with the developers of the area.

We are unable to help establish the ownership of the street lights in these cases.

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