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Brown garden waste bin

We are currently behind with our normal schedule for the collection of mixed paper/cardboard for flats. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We provide brown bins for you to dispose of your garden waste, including grass cuttings, twigs and real Christmas trees.

You can check what you can put in your brown garden waste bin by looking at our list.

If you can't find the item you want to dispose of in this list, you can search by item instead.

ItemBin, box or sack
BrackenBrown garden waste bin
Christmas trees (real) if branches are 30mm or lessBrown garden waste bin
Garden wasteBrown garden waste bin
Grass cuttingsBrown garden waste bin
Hedge cuttingsBrown garden waste bin
LeavesBrown garden waste bin
Shrub cuttingsBrown garden waste bin
Small branches (chopped up)Brown garden waste bin
TwigsBrown garden waste bin


We collect the brown garden waste bins every two weeks. You can check your collection dates by entering your postcode or address.

We will not collect more than two brown bins from one property on collection day.

Replacement bin

You can order a new brown garden waste bin online if yours is missing or damaged.

What happens to your garden waste

You can find out more about what happens to your recycling.

Mandatory field

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Last updated: 07 December 2021

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