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Green recycling box

We provide green recycling boxes for you to recycle items such as small electrical equipment, food and drink cans plus clothes and paired shoes.

You can check what you can put in your green recycling box by looking at our list.

If you can't find the item you want to dispose of in this list, you can search by item instead.

We are currently delivering a new collection calendar to every household, alongside a roll of food waste recycling bags and plastics recycling bags. We are delivering on an area-by-area basis and are expecting to finish by 31 October.

The household recycling centres are run by Essex County Council.

ItemBin, box or sack
AerosolsGreen recycling box
Aluminium cans, foil and trays Green recycling box
CalculatorsGreen recycling box
CamerasGreen recycling box
Cans (food and drink)Green recycling box
Cassette tape playersGreen recycling box
CD and MP3 playersGreen recycling box
ChargersGreen recycling box
Clothing (clean clothing that can be worn again)Green recycling box or charity shops
Computers and small IT equipmentGreen recycling box


We collect the green recycling boxes every two weeks. You can check your collection dates by entering your postcode or address.

If you are recycling clothes or shoes, you need to put them in a tied carrier bag and leave them outside your green recycling box. We will only accept clean clothing that can be worn again, and shoes that are in a pair.

We can collect small electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) that are no bigger than your green recycling box. You need to leave the item in or beside green recycling box on your collection day.

You can recycle batteries by taking them to any shop that also sells them.

Replacement box

You can order a new green recycling box online if yours is missing or damaged.

Our green boxes do not come with a lid, as they have holes in the bottom to let out rainwater. If your box originally had one, we will not replace it. 

What happens to items in your green box

You can find out more about what happens to your recycling.

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Last updated: 30 July 2020

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