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Black non-recyclables bin

We provide black bins for you to dispose of items that are not collected for recycling, such as bubble wrap, crisp packets and nappies.

You can check what you can put in your black non-recyclables bin by looking at our list.

If you can't find the item you want to dispose of in this list, you can search by item instead.

The household recycling centres are run by Essex County Council.

ItemBin, box or sack
Animal beddingBlack non-recyclables bin
Animal waste or litterBlack non-recyclables bin
Bubble wrapBlack non-recyclables bin
ClocksGreen recycling box
Coffee filter paperBlack non-recyclables bin
Crisp packetsBlack non-recyclables bin
Fruit netsBlack non-recyclables bin
Glasses (spectacles)Opticians' recycling schemes or black non-recyclables bin
Hangers (wire and plastic) - brokenBlack non-recyclables bin
Hangers (wire and plastic) - intactCharity shop


We collect the black non-recyclables bins every two weeks. You can check your collection dates by entering your postcode or address.

Replacement bin

You can order a new black non-recyclable bin online if yours is missing or damaged.

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Last updated: 23 November 2020

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