You can apply to have white ‘H’-bar markings installed across your dropped kerb driveway access.

The marking can work as a deterrent to stop other vehicles parking across your dropped kerb, but they have no legal authority, and we cannot enforce them.

We will only paint lines to cover the width of the dropped kerb, up to a maximum of 10 metres.

If you need a longer length, you need to contact the TRO Team and give us further details before you apply. However, we cannot extend the lines further to address any other perceived parking issues.

We will only paint H-bars when we are carrying out other lining works nearby. Installation of H-bars is weather dependant and therefore lining usually takes place between April and September. If you apply between October and March, it may therefore take longer to install. We are unable to give a definitive installation date, but we will try to arrange the work as soon as we can.

We will only paint the lines once. We will not maintain or re-mark the lines if they fade or are removed as part of roadworks.

If you do want the lines reinstated, you will need to apply again and pay the fee.

You can visit Essex Highways' road surfacing programme map to see upcoming road surfacing works.

If a vehicle is fully obstructing an approved dropped kerb, our Civil Enforcement Officer can issue a Penalty Charge Notice, as long as the vehicle is not parked in a designated parking place.

We will only enforce this if the resident of the property reports the obstruction. You can report a parking issue now.

In all cases, Essex Police is responsible for dealing with obstructions of the highway. They have the necessary powers to remove vehicles that are causing an obstruction.

Apply online

If we accept your application, you will need to pay a fee of £120 (including VAT).

Once accepted, we will give you the phone number for our team so that they can take payment. You can pay by credit or debit card (except American Express).

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