Chelmsford City Council

Temporary road closures

You can apply for a temporary road closure if you are holding a street party or special event and want to close the road.

The application process and requirements are different for street parties and for special events.

Your event is a street party if:

  • it's only for neighbours and residents

  • you only publicise it to residents

  • it's taking place in a quiet residential street

  • you are organising it yourself 

Your event is a special event if:

  • it's a parade, procession or social gathering

  • anyone can attend

  • you widely publicise it, such as in the newspaper or on social media

  • a professional organiser is arranging it 

Whichever application you make, you need to apply at least 10 weeks before your event. 

You can also find general advice from The Street Party Site.

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