Chelmsford City Council

Season tickets

 Buying a season ticket means that you:

  • can save money on the daily cost of parking
  • guarantee that you will have a space (not applicable to Annual 7)
  • don’t have to pay for parking on a daily basis
  • can leave and re-enter your chosen car park as often as you want to each day
  • Car park season ticketsYou can apply for a season ticket that lasts for three months for some of our car parks.
  • Annual 7 Season TicketThe Annual 7 Season Ticket means you can park in seven of our car parks around Chelmsford city centre. The Annual 7 spaces are already full, but you can join the waiting list.
  • Evening car park permits for residentsIf you live in the Chelmsford area, you can apply for an evening car park permit. Using your permit, you can park in several of our car parks.
  • Parking schemes for businessesIf you need additional parking for your employees, we can create a parking scheme for your business.

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