We issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to vehicles that breach parking rules.

However, before submitting a report, you should be aware that we are not responsible for enforcing all parking offences on public highways.

We will only investigate reports of vehicles parked:

  • on a no waiting restriction (yellow line)
  • in a resident permit zone
  • on School Keep Clear (SKC) markings
  • in a bus stop or taxi rank
  • in a loading bay or limited waiting bay
  • on a pedestrian crossing
  • on a clearway
  • in a disabled bay
  • in a cycle lane
  • across a pedestrian or private dropped kerb (only if there is a full obstruction)
  • on a footway or grass verge (only if is adjacent to a yellow line)

You can view a list of all the most common types of parking restrictions, including any relevant legal information.

Where there is a parking restriction

If you see a vehicle breaching a parking rule, as shown by clear lines and signs, you can report this to us.

We do not operate an emergency response service. This means we will not send someone out immediately in response to a single vehicle breaching the rules.

Generally, reports help us identify significant, long-term parking issues. However, we will try to attend to all reports as soon as we have someone available.

Before you make a report, you need to read our information and guidance.

If you have only seen a parking issue, we suggest that you do not report it immediately.

It may be that our officers have already seen the vehicle, or will do so during their normal patrols. 

We suggest you wait at least an hour before reporting an issue to us, to see if the vehicle moves off of its own accord. That will mean that our officers do not spend time looking into reports that are no longer an issue.

You should also check to see if we have already placed a PCN on the vehicle. This means we are already aware and you don't need to report it.

If the vehicle is still parked in the same position later on without a PCN, then you can submit a report.

If the vehicle already has a PCN, you do not need to report it to us.

Some vehicles receive multiple PCNs or may be abandoned and/or known to Essex Police, so you do not need to report this to us.

If you have already told us about the vehicle, you do not need to raise another report.

When they first attended, our officers would have assessed the matter and reported back, so that we can organise further enforcement.

If the issue continues after we first attend, it does not mean we will not return. We monitor the reports we get on a regular basis and provide additional resources to try and resolve ongoing issues. However, some parking issues will remain ongoing and may not be resolved immediately.

In these cases, we will manage them over a longer period of time.

You can send us a report if you have read our advice and are sure that the vehicle is breaching the rules.

Report a parking issue

To report a parking issue, you will need:

  • your name and contact details (we will not log anonymous reports)
  • the location of the vehicle or issue (you should include house names or numbers and landmarks)
  • details of the vehicle (you should include the registration number, make, model and colour)
  • the rule you believe the vehicle is breaking
  • any other information that you feel may be relevant

Once we receive your report, we will:

  • acknowledge your report
  • visit the location to investigate the report as soon as someone is available (we are not an emergency response service)
  • send a response, where possible, updating you on any action we have taken

We do not send responses to all reports. We will only do this during less busy periods and if the report has not been sent to us previously.

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