We grant suspensions to keep restricted bays clear of vehicles when tradespeople need to carry out utility work or gain access.

We grant suspensions on:

  • permit parking bays
  • limited waiting bays
  • pay and display bays

Once we receive your application, we will:

  • acknowledge your application, as soon as possible
  • visit the location
  • let you know our decision
  • put up temporary notices, if we approve your request

When we visit the location, we will check that it will not:

  • cause problems with traffic flow
  • be an inconvenience to other road users or nearby residents
  • cause a health and safety hazard

When we have made a decision, we will tell you within 10 working days of visiting the location.

If we reject your application, you will not be able to suspend the parking bay.

Apply now

To apply for a suspension, you need to apply at least 15 working days before you need the suspension, so that we have time to process it.

When you apply, you will need to give us: 

  • your name and contact details
  • the location of the suspension
  • the number of bays you need suspended
  • your Essex County Council permit number, if you have one
  • the dates you need the suspension
  • the reason you need the suspension
  • a 24-hour emergency contact number

If we grant your application, you need to pay the correct fee for your council area. We will tell you what you need to pay. 

You must pay this fee before the suspension starts; it is not refundable. You may have to pay additional fees for pay and display bays, depending on the area. We will advise you on this.

After you have paid the fee, we will put up temporary notices on site two or three days beforehand. This will show what is suspended and how long the suspension is in place. 

We cannot guarantee that the area will be clear and we do not have the power to remove vehicles.

Before the parking bay suspension begins, you will need to:

  • plan how to minimise disruption to residents if the suspension is in a residential area (such as by completing the works in stages)
  • notify Essex County Council (the highways authority) of the works
  • notify nearby residents and businesses affected by the suspension

During the parking pay suspension, you will need to:

  • keep disruption to a minimum
  • cone or barrier off the bays
  • provide traffic management
  • only allow commercial vehicles who are directly involved with the works to park in the suspended bays

After the parking pay suspension has finished, you will need to remove the temporary notices we put up.

If you want to park outside of the suspended area, you will need to apply for a dispensation permit instead.

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