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Enquire about a Healthy Homes Loan

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If your home needs essential repair work, you can enquire about our discretionary Healthy Homes Loan.

The maximum loan is £30,000, and is interest free. We register the loan as a charge on your property, and you repay it when you sell or transfer the property to a new owner.

You can find more information about a Healthy Homes Loan in our Housing Assistance Policy.

You can enquire about a Healthy Homes Loan list if:

  • you are a freeholder, or you are a leaseholder with a fully repairing lease
  • your property is more than 10 years old
  • you property is in Council Tax band A, B, C, D or E
  • you have not received a healthy homes loan in the past 10 years
  • you have owned and lived in your property for the last three years
  • you receive benefits or are on a low income

To enquire about a Health Homes Loan, you will need:

  • to be eligible for the loan
  • your name and contact details
  • information about your property type
  • information about the repair work that you need
  • to explain the current problems with your property

If you are eligible, we will arrange to visit your property and assess the hazards. We will give the hazards a category using the housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS). The category we give a hazard depends on how likely it is to cause harm and how serious the outcome would be. 

After the assessment, we will decide whether to grant you a Healthy Homes Loan.

If you are successful, we will send you an application pack which you need to complete and send back to us.

You can start work once we have approved your application.


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    Last updated: 19 October 2020

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