Report a concern about a child or adult

Report a safeguarding concern

Essex County Council run social services in this area, and so they will handle any safeguarding concerns.

Our policy

We have adopted a Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy, as we are committed to protecting vulnerable people.

Our policy is relevant to:

  • our employees
  • our elected members
  • any consultants, contractors and agency staff working for us
  • members of the public volunteering with us
  • organisations, companies and individuals who are suppliers to us

If you are not included in our policy, you can find more information on safeguarding via:

We provide our employees with training, supervision and support, so that they are:

  • able to identify potential indicators of abuse
  • less likely to become involved in actions that may cause harm to vulnerable individuals
  • less likely to do anything that could be misinterpreted

When suppliers, contractors and consultants work with us, they need to agree to follow our safeguarding standards.

Modern slavery

You can view our modern slavery page to find out more.

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