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We own and maintain several car parks in the Chelmsford area. Our car parks offer a range of short-term, long-term and mixed stay parking.

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High Chelmer

Location of entrance
Length of stay
Short stay
Number of spaces
Disabled spaces
Disabled access
Motorcycle parking
Number of motorcycle spaces
Location of motorcycle spaces
The furthest left entry lane
Fees for motorcycles
Machine type
Pay on foot
Payment type
  • Credit/debit card
  • Coins
  • Notes
When to make payment
You must pay when you return to your vehicle and before you leave the car park
Height restriction
2 metres
Opening times
6am to 10pm (Monday to Saturday), 6am to 6pm (Sunday)
Bank holiday opening times
Monday 27 August 2018: 8am to 7pm
Special opening times

If you normally pay £2.50 to take you up to 10pm, you still only need to pay £2.50 which will take you up to 11pm on these dates. You do not need to pay an overnight fee.

  • Sunday 5 August 2018: Closes at 7pm
  • Friday 10 August 2018: Closes at 11pm
  • Friday 17 August 2018: Closes at 11pm 
Charging period
6am to 10pm (Monday to Saturday), 6am to 6pm (Sunday)
Season Ticket available

Monday to Saturday, 6am to 9:59pm

  • Up to one hour: £1.40  
  • Up to two hours: £2.50  
  • Up to three hours: £3.20
  • Up to four hours: £4.70  
  • Up to five hours: £7.50
  • Up to six hours: £8.50
  • Up to seven hours: £10.50
  • Up to eight hours: £14.50
  • Over eight hours: £18
Sundays, 6am to 5:59pm


  • Up to one hour: £1.40  
  • Up to two hours: £2.50  
  • Up to three hours: £3.20
  • Over three hours: £4.70  


Monday to Saturday, 5pm to 9:59pm


  • Evenings, up to one hour: £1.20  
  • Evenings, up to two hours: £2.30  
  • Evenings, over two hours: £2.50  


Other charges


  • Evenings, up to one hour (Sunday, 5pm to 5:59pm): £1.20
  • Market traders (Monday to Saturday, 6am to 9:59pm): £4  
  • Overnight: £2.50


If your vehicle is locked in after hours and you wish to be released, you will need to pay a £50 fee.


If you lose your ticket, you will have to pay an £18 fee.


You can't reserve a space in this car park.
United Kingdom

If you are locked in one of our car parks after it closes, you can call 01245 606299. You will need to pay a £50 release fee.

If you lose your ticket in a car park with a barrier, you will need to pay an £18 lost ticket fee. This applies to High Chelmer, Meadows Retail, Meadows Surface and Townfield Street.

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