Our High Street is a thriving vibrant place, with lots going on, meaning we have to balance the needs of residents, visitors and businesses. 

We have put together this page to help you understand what you can and can’t do in the High Street.

For more details on what's on in Chelmsford and other attractions across the city, you can visit Chelmsford For You


We only allow banners that promote local non-profit or cultural civic events or activities. We do not accept banners for commercial advertising.

If you wish to put up a qualifying banner in the city centre, you can contact us to apply for banner space.

We have banners in:

  • Backnang Square
  • Bell Meadow
  • Central Park (near play area)
  • Kings Head Walk (Odeon bridge area)
  • Marconi Plaza
  • Retail Market (bus terminus under multi-storey car park)
  • Stonebridge Walk (river railings between Stone Bridge and New London Road)

You can put up one qualifying banner for free in the location of your choice for up four weeks before your event.

All other posters with advertising material are banned as part of our Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for the city centre


Busking is allowed in the High Street, subject to certain conditions. You can find more details in our Busking Policy.

Charity collections

If you wish to collect money for charity in the High Street, you can find full details on how to apply on our Street collections page.


You will need to apply to us for filming consent if you wish to film in:

  • the High Street
  • Duke Street
  • the Retail Market
  • one of our parks

To film in the city centre, you will need to pay £100 per permit, unless you are a charity or a political group.

If you wish to film anywhere else in the city centre, you will need to apply to the relevant landowner (such as the shopping centre owner or the highway authority) for permission.

Flyers and leafleting

We have a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in place in Chelmsford city centre, which means you are not allowed to distribute free literature in the High Street, such as flyers or leaflets.

You can read more about our PSPO.

Hiring a space or holding an event in the High Street or Tindal Square

If you would like to use Chelmsford High Street or Tindal Square for commercial, voluntary or fundraising activities, you need to submit a booking application.

You can find out more about booking the High Street or booking Tindal Square.


We operate an outdoor market in the High Street every Friday and Saturday, which features a selection of local and international food and produce.

You can find out more about the High Street market.


If there is a problem with the river, such as pollution, illegal fishing or fish in trouble, you need to contact the Environment Agency.

Rough sleepers

We are aware of all the people sleeping rough or begging in Chelmsford. We work hard with our partner agencies, including homeless charities, to help vulnerable people access the help they need to get off the streets.

If you are concerned about someone who you think is homeless, you can send an alert to StreetLink.


Shopmobility is a free service that we operate where you can borrow scooters and wheelchairs to make Chelmsford city centre more accessible. 

You can find out more about Shopmobility

Street trading

You need street trading consent if you want to sell on the street.

You can report an unlicensed street trader to us if you suspect someone is selling items in the street illegally.

Tables and chairs licence

You need a licence if you want to put tables and chairs outside your cafe or restaurant. You can find out how to apply for a licence

Taxi ranks

There are a number of taxi ranks across the city centre. You can view our list of taxi ranks.


You can visit Chelmsford For You to find out about shopping, dining and culture in Chelmsford.

Other questions

If you have a question about the High Street that is not answered here, you can contact us.

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