You do not need a licence to busk in Chelmsford, but we do require you to follow the code of conduct in our Busking Policy.

If you are busking in Chelmsford, you must:

  • be over the age of 14
  • only operate between 8am and 8pm

When you are busking, you should not:

  • make too much noise
  • occupy the same location for more than one hour
  • block footpaths, pavements or open pedestrian areas

If we receive a complaint about your busking, we may ask you to stop or move on. 

Street trading consent

If you want to sell something while busking, such as CDs or merchandise, you will need to apply for street trading consent.

Charity collection

If you are busking to collect money for charity, you will need to apply for a street collection permit

If a busker is causing a nuisance 

If a busker is causing a disturbance, we suggest that you:

  • wait for a suitable break in the performance
  • politely introduce yourself
  • explain the impact of their performance
  • ask the performer if they are aware of our Busking Policy

If this approach does not work, you can report a busker:

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