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If you are currently homeless or threatened with homelessness in the next eight weeks and need advice, you can contact us.

You must provide as much information as possible to help us give you the correct advice and guidance. 

Once we have received your request for support, we will either contact you for more information or pass it onto our Housing Solutions team. Our Housing Solutions team will then call you to discuss your options.

If you are not homeless, but have another housing issue, you can find more housing help and support.


Homelessness duties

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness in the next eight weeks, we have a legal duty to make an assessment of your circumstances.

In most cases, this assessment will trigger a legal duty for us to:

  • provide a personal housing plan outlining how we are going to help to prevent your homelessness, or;
  • help you to find accommodation, if you are already homeless

Although we may have a duty to help you keep your home or try to find a new one, this doesn't mean that in all cases we have a duty to provide accommodation itself.

In some limited circumstances, we will only have a duty to give general advice. We won't be able to give you a personal housing plan or homelessness support.

For example, if your immigration status stops you from accessing public funds, then you won't be eligible for this help.

You can visit Shelter to find more information about immigration and residence restrictions.

You can also visit GOV.UK and Shelter for more information about our duties to homeless people or those threatened with homelessness.


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    Last updated: 11 October 2021

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