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Premises licence

  • Apply for a new premises licenceYou will need a premises licence if you want to use your premises to sell alcohol, provide regulated entertainment or sell late night refreshments.
  • Apply to vary a premises licenceFind out how to apply to make minor or major changes to your existing licence.
  • Temporary extension for off-salesThe government has extended the terms of some premises licences to allow off-sales. An off-sale is when alcohol is consumed off the premises. You can find out what you need to do to start making off-sales.
  • Transfer a licenceWhen a licensed premises transfers from one owner to another, it is the responsibility of the new owner to ensure they have the correct licence.
  • Submit an interim authority noticeYou can submit an interim authority notice if you are the owner or employee at a licensed premises and the licence holder is suddenly incapable. This stops the licence from lapsing, and reinstates the licence.

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    Last updated: 12 May 2021

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