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Premises licence

Due to coronavirus, we have made some changes to the application processes for licences. We are also now only accepting payments for licences over the phone. You can read more about the changes we have made.

  • Apply for a new premises licenceYou will need a premises licence if you want to use your premises to sell alcohol, provide regulated entertainment or sell late night refreshments.
  • Apply to vary a premises licenceFind out how to apply to make minor or major changes to your existing licence.
  • Transfer a licenceWhen a licensed premises transfers from one owner to another, it is the responsibility of the new owner to ensure they have the correct licence.
  • Submit an interim authority noticeYou can submit an interim authority notice if you are the owner or employee at a licensed premises and the licence holder is suddenly incapable. This stops the licence from lapsing, and reinstates the licence.

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    Last updated: 02 April 2020

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