Chelmsford City Council

Evidence base

We have undertaken a wide range of research to help us develop our new Local Plan. This research, and its findings, forms our evidence base.

Our evidence base includes:

  • background information

  • our existing strategies and planning policies

  • specially commissioned studies on topics where more information is helpful to us

The subjects the evidence base covers includes:

  • environment

  • heritage

  • population

  • transport

  • economy

  • infrastructure

We have used all the information to help us choose our Preferred Options.

Our partners have prepared some of the evidence base documents, and have published them on their websites. You can view:

Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (Essex County Council) 2016

Essex Biodiversity Action Plan (Essex Biodiversity Project) 2010-2020


Updated documents

Since 31 January 2018, we have updated and republished:

  • Strategic & Local Junction Modelling - Technical Responses to Public Representations - to update the modelling results for Deres Bridge and Pratts Farm junctions
  • Strategic & Local Junction Modelling - Preferred Option - to include a review of responses from the Highways Agency
  • Chelmsford City Water Cycle Study Update - to include results using more up to date baseline data and to respond to comments from key stakeholders
  • Strategic and Local Junction Modelling - Preferred Option Addendum - to include a revised map of the Chelmsford North East Bypass


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