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Involving communities and organisations

Statement of Community Involvement

We have updated our Statement of Community Involvement, following adoption of our Local Plan.

In the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI), we set out our strategy for involving you in planning matters. It covers:

  • the different types of consultation and engagement
  • who we will consult
  • how we will involve you in making planning policy and when considering planning applications
  • consultation information on Neighbourhood Plans and Masterplans

You can read the Statement of Community Involvement. We have also published an Equality Analysis for the SCI.

We approved the SCI at the Cabinet meeting on 8 September 2020

Equality analysis for the Local Plan

We adopted our Local Plan on 27 May 2020. The Local Plan outlines the scale and location of future growth to 2036. It provides an up-to-date development plan in line with Government requirements.

We have prepared an Equality Impact Assessment for this new Local Plan. We carried out the first assessment when we began preparing the Local Plan in 2014, and reviewed it in 2017.

We reviewed it again for the adoption of the Local Plan. This is to make sure it reflects the most up to date information and that we have taken into account any potential impacts.

We consider that the Local Plan has no negative impacts and there is a low risk of negative impact on any affected group. We will continue to monitor impacts, and if particular issues arise, we will take appropriate action.


Duty to Co-operate

We are committed to working with other councils and key organisations on planning issues that cross different council’s boundaries.

The organisations we regularly work with include Essex County Council, National Highways, environmental organisations and education providers.

We have to ensure that we properly co-ordinate strategic issues such as:

  • land for new homes and jobs

  • infrastructure

  • providing schools

  • managing flood risk

You can view our Duty to Co-operate Strategy to find out how this co-operation works.

We are updating our Duty to Co-operate Strategy, by engaging with the relevant duty bodies. We expect to adopt the updated strategy in early 2022. 

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    Last updated: 22 November 2021

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