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Operator licence

You will need an operator licence if you accept bookings for private hire vehicles.

Customers must book private hire vehicles (minicabs) in advance, and can't flag them down on the street.

Drivers that you pass work to need to have a driver licence, and their vehicle needs to have a private hire vehicle licence.

The same authority needs to issue the operator licence, the driver licence and the private hire vehicle licence.

To operate in Chelmsford, all three of the licences need to be from us. Therefore, if you have an operator’s licence from us, you can only pass work to a vehicle and driver that we have licensed.

To apply for a licence, you need to contact us.

We will provide an application form, which you need to complete and return to us with the correct fee.

The fees are:

  • £743 if you are taking bookings for up to three vehicles
  • £2,599 if you are taking bookings for four or more vehicles

Once we receive your application, we will:

  • acknowledge it within three working days
  • notify you of our decision within 28 days

As private hire operator, you need to keep a written record of all bookings, which must show:

  • the time of the booking

  • the name of the customer

  • the pick up point

  • the destination

  • details of the driver


Renew your licence

Your operator licence will be valid for five years from the date we granted it.

You need to renew your licence every five years, before the current licence expires.

Once we receive your renewal application, we will notify you of our decision.



We do not regulate the fare you can charge your customers. You should agree the fare with the customer when they make their booking.

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