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England is currently in a national lockdown, which will end just after midnight on Wednesday 2 December. At the end of the lockdown period, the whole of Essex, including Chelmsford, will be in Tier 2. You can find out what this means and get other useful information on our coronavirus updates page.

Governance Committee

For the foreseeable future, all our meetings will be online. On each individual meeting in the calendar, you can view the instructions to join once we have published the agenda for that meeting. You can also view our coronavirus updates page.

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This Committee promotes and maintains high standards of conduct by members and co-opted members of the authority, including two Independent Persons.

The Governance Committee:

  • conducts hearings into an allegation that a member or co-opted member had breached the authority's code of conduct
  • grants dispensations
  • is responsible for training members and co-opted members on matters relating to the members' code of conduct
  • oversees the council's arrangements for dealing with complaints, including complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman and the Annual Whistleblowing report
  • annually reviews the council's use of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)
  • approves and monitors the Code of Corporate Governance and the council's Annual Governance Statement with the Audit Committee
  • grants exemptions from politically restricted posts




There are also three Parish and Town Council co-opted (non-voting) members, two Independent Persons, Clarissa Gosling and Paula Mills, plus one substitute ( Councillor Tom Willis).

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    Last updated: 21 September 2020

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