We have five Cabinet Members, who each have oversight of one department within the council.

The Leader:

  • works with the Chief Executive and other senior officers to oversee our strategic direction and respond to any external assessment regimes which we have to comply with
  • is the Council's principal public spokesperson
  • works with key stakeholders in Chelmsford to promote our objectives and develop partnerships
  • with relevant Cabinet members, monitors major council projects to ensure that they are being developed and implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • oversees the preparation and review of the Community Plan and corporate strategies of the Council, working with the other Cabinet members
  • chairs Cabinet meetings
  • undertakes any Cabinet functions not delegated to other Cabinet members

This post is currently held by Councillor Stephen Robinson

The Cabinet member for Connected Chelmsford has oversight of four areas of council business. The current postholder is also Deputy Leader of the Council. This post is currently held by Councillor Marie Goldman

Central services

This includes:

  • our workforce and our duties as an employer
  • the development of customer care objectives and the delivery of associated initiatives
  • our legal, business and democratic services functions, including the Mayoralty and supporting our committees
  • the registration of voters and the conduct of all elections

Communications and engagement

This includes:

  • corporate communications, consultation, public relations and information services in connection with all our activities
  • community engagement and voluntary sector development

Digital services

This relates to the strategic development of information technology and its use to enhance the delivery of our services and strategies.

Museums and culture

This includes: 

  • the provision of entertainment and cultural activities and facilities, including theatres, galleries and special events
  • community and village halls
  • the development and management of arts, cultural and entertainment facilities and services and the award of grants in appropriate cases
  • Museum services

The Cabinet Member for Fairer Chelmsford is responsible for three areas of council business. This post is currently held by Councillor Chris Davidson


This includes: 

  • management of our finances (the Director of Financial Services as the designated officer under Section 151 of the Local Government Act 1972)
  • the presentation of an annual budget to the Cabinet and Council and making recommendations on the budget process
  • the parameters for deciding the level of fees and charges
  • the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 
  • the write-off of debts
  • collection of Council Tax
  • administration of Housing Benefit
  • consultation with representatives of non-domestic ratepayers
  • grant funding for local voluntary and community groups
  • procurement of goods and services we require
  • the internal audit function (although the Head of Internal Audit has statutory duties to the Audit Committee)

Strategic housing

This includes: 

  • policy and strategy for affordable and social-rented housing
  • meeting the housing needs of the statutorily homeless
  • working with partners to support and ultimately end rough sleeping on the streets
  • the provision of housing and connected advice to the local community, in particular to avoid homelessness
  • promoting partnerships with Registered Social Landlords, voluntary and community groups and other agencies to secure and effectively manage affordable housing in the city
  • managing residential and related property we retain, whether tenanted or leased to partner organisations
  • monitoring the Stock Transfer Agreement

Our land and property

This includes:

  • managing land and property (public buildings and commercial/industrial landholdings) we own
  • identifying strategic opportunities in relation to the acquisition, disposal and use of land and property

The Cabinet Member for Greener and Safer Chelmsford has oversight of five areas of council business. This post is currently held by Councillor Rose Moore.

Technical services

This includes:

  • municipal engineering
  • architectural design
  • facilities management
  • building maintenance 
  • residual highways matters 

Community and safety

This includes:

  • the development and management of play facilities and oversight of issues affecting the young people of the city
  • the safety of the community and accident prevention, including emergency planning
  • the aims of the Community Safety Strategy, in partnership with others


This relates to the provision of sporting and leisure facilities, including Riverside Leisure Centre, Chelmsford Sport and Athletics Centre, Dovedale Sports Centre, South Woodham Ferrers Leisure Centre and Hylands House. 


This includes: 

  • parks strategy and development
  • open spaces, ground maintenance, horticulture and allotments
  • biodiversity
  • countryways services
  • all matters relating to the cemeteries and crematorium

Waste management and recycling

This includes:

  • strategies on waste collection and recycling
  • overseeing the functions of waste collection and recycling, street cleansing and minor works to the highway
  • the operation of Chelmsford market

The Cabinet member for Sustainable Development has oversight of three areas of council business. This post is currently held by Councillor Mike Mackrory.


This includes:

  • town and country planning, development management, planning enforcement, land charges and tree preservation orders
  • policy relating to the physical development of the City, including the preparation and implementation of the local plan, masterplans, supplementary planning guidance, the designation of conservation areas, the removal of permitted development rights, the making of compulsory purchase orders and the designation of clearance areas
  • emerging transportation policy
  • all building regulations and associated matters

Economic development

This includes:

  • managing our relationship with the Business Improvement District and broader city centre management
  • providing advice and skills initiatives to new and existing local businesses to encourage economic growth
  • promoting local economic development and tourism
  • listed buildings and heritage advice, public realm, community infrastructure levy projects and delivery

Car parking

This includes:

  • overseeing the operation of our car parks and management of the two park and ride sites
  • representing us on the South Essex Parking Partnership
  • overseeing all matters relating to parking enforcement, new parking schemes including resident parking schemes and the required traffic regulation orders

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