Chelmsford City Council

Chelmsford, along with the rest of England, is now in lockdown until further notice. You can find out what this means and get other useful information on our coronavirus updates page.

Main committees

We have a number of key committees that either focus on an important council function, or on more strategic matters.

  • CabinetThe Cabinet includes the Leader of the Council and other senior members, each of whom has responsibility for a particular council service or group of services.
  • Chelmsford Policy BoardThis Board is responsible for reviewing existing council policies, developing new ones and making policy recommendations to the Cabinet and Council as appropriate.
  • Overview and Scrutiny CommitteeThe Overview and Scrutiny Committee's role is to act as a channel for public involvement in the activities of the Council and public bodies operating in Chelmsford, such as the Police and other partner organisations.
  • Planning CommitteeThis Committee makes decisions on about 3% of the planning applications received by the Council. All other applications are decided by the Director of Sustainable Communities, under delegated powers.

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