The liability order means that we can pass your debt to our enforcement agents (bailiffs).

The enforcement agent companies that we use are Rossendales and Jacobs.

When we pass a debt to the enforcement agents, there is a non-negotiable fee of £75 for you to pay.

The enforcement agent company will write, email or call you asking for full payment or to contact them to make a payment arrangement.

As long as you either pay in full, including the costs, or follow any arrangement made, the enforcement agents will not take any further action.

If the enforcement agent has to visit your home, there may be further fees. The enforcement agents we use will always carry official identification.

We can take further action against you if the enforcement agents return the case to us as ‘nulla bona’, which means 'no goods'. This will apply if:

  • you don't pay the enforcement agent, and
  • you have insufficient goods that when sold would not be enough to pay your debt and any fees

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