If you need help making sense of your bill, you can view our understanding your bill page.

We will issue annual Council Tax bills for 2024/25 from 4 March. If you have registered for paperless billing, we will send you an email when your new bill is available.

You should check that you can still login to our online portal before your new bill is available.

If you are paying by Direct Debit, you will not need to do anything. Billing will continue as normal from April.

If you make any changes to your account between 26 February and 3 March, you will get a separate letter or email. Changes include moving house, or changes to discounts you receive. The letter advising you of your changes might arrive before your annual bill.

Empty properties and additional Council Tax payable

In previous years, we charged extra Council Tax when a property had been empty and unfurnished for 24 months.

We have decided to reduce that time so that we charge an additional 100% Council Tax premium after the property has been empty for 12 months. We are deciding whether this change will come into effect from 1 April 2024. We will make the decision at the Full Council meeting on 21 February 2024.

We will update this page with details when we have confirmed this decision.

We are also deciding when to bring in a change to charges for second homes. These are properties which are not your main home and are furnished. We will decide at the Full Council meeting on 21 February 2024 whether:

  • to charge a 100% Council Tax premium on these properties
  • to introduce this charge from 1 April 2025

There will be some exceptions to this policy. We will update this page with the details when we have finalised them.

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