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Request a plaque

You can order a personalised plaque to dedicate a rose at Chelmsford Cemetery and Crematorium.

You will have to pay the correct fee for your plaque when you order it.

We offer the plaques on a renewable basis, for a term of five years.


Renew a plaque

Renew a plaque

If you already have a dedicated rose plaque, you can renew it.


Rose bushes and standard roses

Established rose bushes and standard roses are positioned in the communal beds in the Garden of Remembrance.

You can dedicate a rose by ordering a plaque to be added to it. You can add up to four plaques to your dedicated rose. In addition to the plaques, you can display up to two flutes of fresh cut flowers with your rose.

The plaques are cast bronze with gold lettering, and can feature up to 85 engraved letters.

Roses 600x400

    Mandatory field

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    Last updated: 05 November 2021

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