Current work at the cemetery

We are currently working on areas of the cemetery and crematorium to repair and improve the facilities that we offer. Some of this work may affect your visit.

More information about the work we are doing is available on our dedicated web page.

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Burial plots are located in the lawn section of the Cemetery. 

We offer burial plots with an exclusive right to burial for that grave.

Each plot can feature a gravestone. 

You need to order your headstone directly from a stonemason. The stonemason will craft and install your headstone, making sure that it is suitable and safe. 

A lawn grave includes a headstone and can have a mini kerb set immediately in front of the headstone. The remaining area is grassed over, this must be kept clear at all times. 

A traditional grave has a headstone and full kerb set that forms an edging with the grave area. 

Rows of gravestones in cemetery

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