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Tariff one

From 6am to 11pm, Monday to Saturday (excluding bank holidays):

  • First 625 yards (or 2 minutes 34 seconds): £5.40
  • Each subsequent 71 yards (equates to £3.718 per mile after 625 yards): 15p 
  • Waiting time per 17.5 seconds: 15p

Tariff two

From 11pm to 6am every day, anytime on bank holidays (all day), 6pm to 10pm Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve:

  • First 700 yards (or 3 minutes 15 seconds): £7.20
  • Each subsequent 50.7 yards (equates to £3.687 per mile after 700 yards): 15p
  • Waiting time per 14.10 seconds: 15p

Tariff three

From 6am to 11pm on Sundays:

  • First 410 yards (or 1 minutes 17 seconds): £7.05
  • Each subsequent 71.6 yards (equates to £3.687per mile after 410 yards: 15p
  • Waiting time 11.60 seconds: 15p

Tariff four

From 10pm on Christmas Eve to 6am on 27 December and from 10pm on New Year's Eve to midnight on New Year's Day (no extras):

  • First 495 yards (or 1 minute 56 seconds): £7.05
  • Each subsequent 84.7 yards (equates to £6.234 per mile after 495 yards): 30p
  • Waiting time 19.8 seconds: 30p


  • For each additional passenger above one per journey: 30p
  • For items carried outside the passenger compartment: 20p
  • Each bicycle, push chair or pram: 20p
  • Each other parcel or article of luggage: 20p
  • Soiling charge, a reasonable charge to a maximum of: £65

All prices include VAT.

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Last updated: 25 November 2022