When you apply for an environmental permit, or change your existing permit, you need to pay the fee relating to your business activity.

We will not be able to process your application until we have received the correct fee. 

You also need to pay an annual charge, even though you do not need to renew your permit each year.

For both parts, you will need to pay a fee:

  • when you first apply for a permit
  • each year, when you need to pay a low, medium or high annual subsistence charge
  • if you make a late payment
  • if you vary, transfer or surrender your permit

Part A(2) fees

Every subsistence charge in the table below includes an additional £104 charge to cover our costs in dealing with reporting under the E-PRTR Regulation.

Part B fees

Where you make an application for any of these and combine it with Part B and waste application, you need to add an extra £310 to the amounts.

Where a Part B installation is subject to reporting under the E-PRTR Regulation, add an extra £104 to the amounts.

* the additional amounts in brackets must be charged where a permit is for a combined Part B and waste installation.

Part B Mobile Plant Charges (Not using simplified permits)

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