The overall result for 2023 was:

  • Liberal Democrat Group: 33 councillors
  • Conservative Group: 21 councillors
  • Independent: 2 councillors
  • Independent Network: 1 councillor

The average turnout across the district was 32.33%.

Overall result

  • Liberal Democrat Party: 31 councillors
  • Conservative Party: 21 councillors
  • South Woodham Ferrers Council Taxpayers Association: 2 councillors
  • Independent: 3 councillors

Results by ward

Results by ward



  • Sue Baker, Liberal Democrat: 480
  • Stephen Edward Capper, Labour Party: 183
  • Steph Scott, The Conservative Party Candidate: 1,494

Elected candidate: Steph Scott (The Conservative Party Candidate)

Turnout: 33.4%


  • Hazel Olive Clark, Liberal Democrat: 652 votes
  • Robert James Ewart Gisby, The Conservative Party Candidate: 790 votes
  • Ben Harvey, Green Party Candidate: 89 votes
  • Jake Havard, Labour Party: 122 votes
  • Angela Jane Pitt Ling, Independent Network: 183 votes

Elected candidate: Robert James Ewart Gisby

Turnout: 42.26%


  • Ronnie Bartlett, Green Party candidate: 78 votes
  • Lynn Valerie Foster, Liberal Democrat: 572 votes
  • Edward Paul George Massey, Labour Party: 67 votes
  • Andrew George Thorpe-Apps, The Conservative Party Candidate: 716 votes

Elected candidate: Andrew George Thorpe-Apps

Turnout: 35%


  • Paul Bishop, Labour Party: 156 votes
  • Steven Chambers, Independent: 72 votes
  • Ben Harvey, The Green Party Candidate: 69 votes
  • Ben McNally, The Conservative Party Candidate: 311 votes
  • Smita Rajesh, Liberal Democrat: 563 votes

Elected candidate: Smita Rajesh

Turnout: 21%


  • Tony Lane (The Green Party Candidate): 210 votes
  • Edward Massey (Labour Party): 411┬ávotes
  • Graham Pooley (Liberal Democrat): 992┬ávotes
  • Gilbert Smith (The Conservative Party Candidate): 1,108 votes

Elected candidate: Gilbert Smith

Turnout: 31.97%

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