Chelmsford City Council

Annual Canvass

Each year between August and November, we conduct an annual canvass to update the electoral register.


How we carry out the annual canvass

We will deliver a Household Registration Form to every property in Chelmsford.

When you receive your Household Registration Form, you need to check the information.

You need to confirm that the information is correct, or make changes to incorrect information.

Instructions about how to confirm or change information are on the Household Registration Form.


Confirm that the information is correct

You can confirm that the information is correct online, or by text or phone during the canvass.

You will need the details and security codes on the form to confirm the information.


Make changes to incorrect information 

If the information is incorrect, you can make changes online. You can also make changes on the form and post it back to us.

You will need the details and security codes on the form to make changes.


New residents or moving out

If you have recently moved in to the property and not already registered to vote, you still need to respond to the household registration form.

However, you will also need to register to vote.

If we are told that someone has moved out of a property, we will write to them at the address we hold for them. We will remove them from the register if they do not respond within 14 days.

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