We will hold a ballot on a proposal to renew the Chelmsford Business Improvement District (BID). We will conduct the ballot by post, with the deadline to return votes 5pm on Thursday 24 November 2022.

About the BID

A BID is a defined area where business rate payers pay a levy in addition to the business rates bill. This levy funds projects to benefit businesses in the local area. These projects may include:

  • marketing and promotion
  • events
  • area management

We ran a ballot in 2018, which led to the creation of a BID for Chelmsford city centre, managed by Chelmsford For You (formerly known as One Chelmsford). This BID is due to end in March 2023 and therefore we are holding a renewal ballot.

The current BID is managed by Chelmsford For You, and they are also responsible for the BID renewal proposals. 

You can vote in this ballot if your business:

  • is liable for non-domestic rates
  • is located within the geographical area of the BID
  • has a rateable value of over £15,000 as of the date of this notice.

If your business is exempt from paying the BID levy, you will not be eligible to vote.

If you are eligible, you will have one vote per property. We sent a preliminary letter to ratepayers in the BID area in October 2022 to help identify the right ratepayer to vote in the ballot. If we did not get a response, we will send the ballot paper to ‘The Ratepayer’ at the address.

We will send out voting packs sent around Monday 17 October. It will include a pre-paid envelope you can use to return your vote.

We can only send the voting pack to the eligible property or your principal place of business, unless you have set up a proxy vote.

You should return your ballot paper as soon as possible to avoid possible postal delays. We can only count papers returned to us by the close of the ballot at 5pm on Thursday 24 November 2022.

You can return ballot papers by:

  • post
  • hand delivery to the Civic Centre during our opening hours
  • hand delivery to the purple post box outside the Civic Centre outside of our opening hours

You may appoint someone else to vote on your behalf, known as a proxy. You may choose this if you are ill in hospital, living abroad or going to be away at the time of the ballot.

We cannot send ballot papers outside England. If your registered address is outside England, you need to nominate a proxy from an address in England.

You can download our proxy vote request form.

Once you have filled it in, your can upload the completed proxy request form.

The deadline to appoint a proxy voter is 5pm on Monday 14 November 2022.

If you haven’t received your ballot paper by Friday 18 November 2022, you can apply for it to be reissued.

You can apply by downloading our dedicated postal vote re-issue request form, or in another way as long as you include:

  • your signature
  • the necessary evidence (such as a copy of your national non-domestic rating bill for the property, or personal ID such as passport or driving licence)

You should not send original copies of this evidence.

You can return the form to us by uploading your completed re-issue request or you can send it by post.

If you inadvertently spoil your ballot paper, you need to return it to us at the Civic Centre so we can issue a replacement.

We won’t be able to issue a replacements if we receive your spoilt ballot paper later than 5pm on Monday 21 November.

Whether it is lost or spoilt, we can issue replacement ballot papers by post or you can collect from the Civic Centre.

We will count the ballot papers on Friday 25 November and publish the result on our website.

If we receive a duplicate ballot paper, with two bearing the same number, we will void both and not count either of them.

We will also not count any ballot papers that are returned unsigned, unmarked or that are void for uncertainty.

The BID will be successful if:

  • the turnout if over 25%, and
  • over 50 per cent of votes cast by number are in favour, and
  • 50 per cent by combined rateable value are in favour

You can find out more about the BID renewal proposals and request a copy of the proposals from the BID proposer, Chelmsford For You.

6a High Street


01245 260 009info@chelmsfordforyou.co.uk


You can view a list of each non-domestic ratepayer and the address and rateable value of each property in the BID area at Civic Centre, Duke Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1JE. You will need to make an appointment first.

We can supply a copy of the list, but only for the purpose of canvassing people entitled to vote in the BID ballot. You can request the list in writing if you are:

  • the BID proposer
  • any person or group who represent 5% or more any business liable for the proposed BID levy

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Last updated: 06 October 2022