Respond online now

Thank you for choosing to respond to the annual canvass online.

To respond, you need to visit the household update service.

You will need to enter the security codes contained in your email, as well as your postcode, to see the details about who is registered at the address.

If you can't complete this online, you can also respond by telephone or SMS.

To respond by phone, you can call 0800 197 9871. You will need to enter Part 1 and then Part 2 of your security code.

You can also respond by texting NOCHANGE followed by Part 1 and Part 2 of your security code to 80212.

You can find out more about the annual canvass and why we do it.



The email we are sending out will look like this:

Screenshot showing what email from us for the annual canvass should look like

The web page that you need to use to respond will look like this:

Screenshot to show what the household response webpage looks like

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