The TuckIN scheme includes many useful tips, which are grouped into seven key areas:

  • Tip 1: Fats and oils
  • Tip 2: Salt
  • Tip 3: Sugar
  • Tip 4: Portion size
  • Tip 5: Promotions
  • Tip 6: Training
  • Tip 7: Development

Businesses that sign up to TuckIN have increased sales and saved money. In fact, 58% of businesses reported a sales increase.

They also reported their customers are happy with the changes, with no compromise on the deliciousness of the food. 

If you get involved in TuckIN, we will:

  • promote your success on our social media channels
  • provide you with marketing materials, including table talkers, a Safer Food Better Business insert where you can document your pledges, and a poster highlighting the commitments you have made
  • publish your business details on the TuckIN website

See what some of the TuckIN businesses have said:

"We have had a massive saving in butter alone...with the amount of sandwiches we do nowadays, rather than go through £180 worth of butter a week, we probably go through £15 worth of margarine. Which is a massive saving."
"It's not just about the healthier choice, but it helps reduce the cost of things you buy. It's also the portion sizes which can help reduce costs as well."
"As soon as we started to use rapeseed oil, I can't explain to you how much sales have gone up."
"We have customers now who weren't coming in the shop before but with these alternative things on offer, we are getting more customers."

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