We are responsible for maintaining the parks and green spaces that we own.

Chelmsford Cemetery grounds

Our meadow at Chelmsford Cemetery is part of a citywide project to provide spaces for wildlife, particularly pollinators. We manage it by cutting and collecting the vegetation in September, after it has flowered.

Wildflower meadows are important for a huge range of wildlife, including:

  • bees
  • butterflies
  • small mammals
  • birds
  • bats
  • reptiles

Floral displays

We design and maintain floral displays in parks, baskets and on roundabouts.

Footpaths and roads

Essex Highways are responsible for footpaths and roads.

They are also responsible for Public Rights of Way, but we help maintain them.

Grass cutting

We have reduced the grass cutting in some areas to allow bees and other pollinators to flourish in Chelmsford. This includes: 

  • parks and communal green spaces
  • recreational areas
  • residential open spaces
  • roadside verges

This new approach aims to support wildlife and help the fight against climate change. 

You can find out more about our grass cutting approach on the City Life website.

Grass verges

Essex Highways are responsible for grass verges and we help maintain them.

We cut rural highway verges twice a year. If it is safe to do so on the highway, we cut wildflower areas once a year in late August. 


We cut hedges in residential areas once a year, outside of bird nesting season. Bird nesting season is usually between March and July.

We may only need to cut some hedges once a year. If there is a health and safety concern, we may need to cut some hedges twice in one year. 

Litter and rubbish

We empty bins in public spaces every week. For busier parks, we empty the bins every day.

We also clear litter when mowing grass and maintaining shrub beds.

You can report litter to us. 

Park opening and closing

We lock some of our parks in the evening. Once locked, we will not unlock these parks until the following morning.

You can find park opening and closing times.

Play areas

We have around 100 play areas and we inspect and litter pick each play area every two weeks.

We inspect play areas in busier parks every day.

Report a problem in our park

If you notice a problem in one of our parks, or think we have missed something during our routine maintenance, you can make a report.


If you have a concern about one of the rivers in Chelmsford, you need to raise it with the Environment Agency.

Shrub beds

We visit shrub beds five or six times a year. We try to keep them clear of weeds and overhanging plants. On some visits, we may only pick up litter.

We prune the shrub beds twice a year.


You can report damaged or dirty public toilets.


Essex Highways deal with issues about trees.

We inspect trees on a regular basis to make sure they meet our Tree Management Policy.

You can find out more about trees.

Wasp nest

If you notice a wasp nest in one of our parks, you can report it to us.


Essex Highways carry out the maintenance of all weeds in Chelmsford. This covers roads and footpaths.

Wildlife and nature

Wildlife and nature conservation areas have their own maintenance routines. 

Other parks in Chelmsford

We do not own all parks and green spaces in the Chelmsford area. 

You can look at Essex County Council's Explore Essex for more information about the parks that we do not own.

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