As well as following the ABC tone of voice, you also need to follow the ABC style to create consistent content. This includes everything from how to write names and numbers, to sentence length and paragraph structure.

These guidelines are based on the GOV.UK Style Guide, so if you can’t find something, you can check the GOV.UK Style Guide.


Creating content that is clear and easy to understand means that customers can successfully find the information they are looking for.

Following the ABC style means customers will be able to complete their task first time.


Our website is for everyone, including people with disabilities that affect how they can interact with us online.

Following the ABC style means that content will be suitable for all, whether they are using a screen reader, are dyslexic or have other disabilities.


Presenting content in a consistent way builds trust and recognition with customers.

Following the ABC style means that all content, including the smallest detail, will be the same across the site.

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