We have ten design principles that shape the decisions we make about the website and its design. The structure of the website and the templates we use ensure that the presentation of our content meets our design principles.

However, there are three design principles that can’t be achieved through structure and templates alone.

To ensure our website meets the needs of our customers, you need to consider these principles when you are writing content for our website.

Nearly 70 per cent of our customers use smartphones and tablets to connect to our website.

We need to create content that suits these devices and the way people access our services.

Content built this way will also work effectively on desktop computers.


As a local authority, customers interact with us when they have a task to complete. That task could be paying for something, submitting an application or simply finding information.

Our website needs to make these tasks and transactions easy to find and to complete.


Customers expect our website and online services to perform as well as the other websites they use day to day.

This means going beyond the technical options, and places the online customer at the heart of what we are delivering.

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