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Dig a little deeper into Chelmsford Museum and discover more about some of the objects in our collections. We collect a wide range of objects from thousands of years of Chelmsford's history.

Select a tile to discover more about one subject, or browse our online collections portal.  

You can get involved by  donating or loaning items to us.

  • Gold Diadem Curators' Top TenFind out which objects our Curators put in their top ten,
  • Cunobelin biga stater Archaeology Collection ArchaeologyDiscover more about Chelmsford Museum's Archaeology Collection. Discoveries from local digs have uncovered Roman, Saxon & Iron Age treasures.
  • Barn owl Biology Exhibition BiologyChelmsford Museum's biology collection showcases local wildlife and some more exotic species.
  • Ear Inspection in a Russian Hospital by Shanks Fine ArtPictures on display from Chelmsford Museum's Fine Art Collection reflect Chelmsford's rich artistic heritage, from local artists to local subjects.
  • Ammonite Geology Collection GeologyFind about the Geology collection at Chelmsford Museum home to British fossils, from the Jurassic, Cretaceous, Eocene, Pliocene & Pleistocene eras.
  • Marconiphone radio receiver Industrial Collection Industrial CollectionFind out more about Chelmsford Museum's Industrial Collections. Local heroes include Marconi, Hoffmann and Crompton.
  • Salamanca Eagle Avatar Military Chelmsford Museum's collection of military artefacts tells the story of the county's infantry regiment and local soldiers.
  • Chappelow cup avatar Social HistoryThe Social History Collections at Chelmsford Museum illustrate the development of the town from Tudor times to the present day city.
  • various pictures of objects.jpg Online Collections PortalExplore thousands of museum objects through our online collections portal
  • Cat skeleton Cabinet of CuriositiesFind out what is in our Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Boris the bear as a jigsaw Jigsaw PuzzlesDiscover the Chelmsford Museum collection with these jigsaw puzzles