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Shire Hall by Philip Reingale

Fine Art Collection


Chelmsford Museum's art collection is of regional importance. The museum collects the work of Essex artists or subjects having a Chelmsford or Mid Essex connection, particularly local topographical works or high quality, unrestricted by period.

We also have a fantastic Ceramics exhibition.

Ear Inspection in a Russian  Hospital Emily Shanks Fine Art Collection
'Ear inspection in a Russian hospital' by Emily Shanks. Oil on Canvas, c. 1890

Emiliya Shanks (1857 - 1936), was a British painter, born in Moscow. 

She volunteered to interpret for a group of British Doctors who were visiting Russian hospitals, and this painting depicts female medics examining a child. 


Shire Hall by Reinagle Fine Art Collection
'Shire Hall' by Philip Reinagle. Oil on canvas, 1794.

Philip Reinagle (1749 - 1833), was an English painter and member of the Royal Academy. 


Shire Hall still stands at the top of Chelmsford High Street. It was designed by John Johnson, and opened in 1791. It has been used for law courts, a market hall for corn and an assembly room. 






Landscape of the Megaliths by Paul Nash Fine Art Collection
'Landscape of the megaliths' by Paul Nash. Lithograph, 1937

Paul Nash (1889 - 1946), was a British surrealist painter and war artist. 


The Half Moon Inn Chelmsford Alfred Bennett Fine Art Collection
'The Half Moon Inn' by Alfred Bennett Bamford. Watercolour, 1906.

Alfred Bennett Bamford (1857 - 1939), was born in Romford. He was an honorary Major in the local voluntary regiment, and during World War I was in charge of prisoners near Chelmsford. 

The subject of this painting, the Half Moon Inn was on Chelmsford High Street.


Church by Buckler Fine Art Collection
'Chelmsford Church' by John Buckley. Watercolour, 1802. 
High Street and Stone Bridge by William Brown Fine Art COllection
'High Street and Stone Bridge' by William Brown, 1890.

Chelmsford High Street, as is shown in the picture is still recognisable today.