By taking out a membership you agree to the following terms:

  1. The permit is for sole use by the stated membership account holder only and must not be used by any other person(s).
  2. The permit is digitally stored on the MiPermit system and will only be valid while the holder remains on a valid membership package. Cancellation of the membership or failure to pay the required Direct Debit instalments will invalidate the car park permit. Use after this point will be subject to Chelmsford City Council's car park penalty procedures.
  3. Only one parking permit will be issued per membership account holder on application.
  4. The Membership Car Park Permit is only valid when the holder is using Riverside Leisure Centre in connection with the membership obtained. Chelmsford City Council will be monitoring the use of these permits against the centre's electronic booking system to ensure that card holders are using the centre whilst using their permit in the Riverside car park.
  5. The car park permit is connected to a maximum of two specific vehicles. All vehicles connected with the permit must be registered to the membership account holder's address.
  6. The permit details are stored digitally, it is the responsibility of the member to ensure the permit is valid and holds up to date registration details on the MiPermit system. A valid email address is a mandatory requirement.
  7. If the card holder requires changes to the vehicle registration details held by the centre, the member must notify the centre in writing providing the new vehicle details. Changes will be made to the digital permit within five working days of receipt of the notification.  
  8. The scheme does not specifically allocate or guarantee a parking space within any of the car parks. The car parks are open to use by any member of the public and are in high demand at certain times of the year.
  9. The parking permit requires an annual fee which is automatically renewed one year after purchase of the initial permit and every year thereafter. If the member no longer wishes to be in receipt of a parking permit, they must notify the centre in writing. No refund will be provided for cancellation of the parking permit.
  10. The centre will not refund the cost of the parking permit in the event of non-usage.
  11. The centre will not refund the annual fee or partial fee in the event of cancellation of the membership.
  12. Use of the car park by the account holder for any other purpose other than stated in the membership terms and conditions will be subject to normal parking conditions and charges apply. The card holder will not be entitled to a refund in this instance.
  13. Chelmsford City Council reserve the right to cancel and withdraw the permit if the holder is found to have used the permit inappropriately by breaching the stated terms and conditions.
  14. Parking Services will issue a Penalty Charge Notice for the following contraventions while in the possession of a Membership Car Park Permit:
    • Failure to provide the centre with up-to-date and correct car registration details.
    • Use of the car park permit on a vehicle other than the stated registrations held on MiPermit.
    • Parking outside a designated marked bay.
    • Using the car park for purposes other than conditions of the membership (max 3 hour stay) and not displaying a valid pay and display ticket. No return within one hour.
    • Parking in a Blue Badge space without clearly displaying a valid Blue Badge and time clock.
  15. These terms and conditions are subject to review. Riverside Leisure Centre will notify all Membership Card Car Park permit holders in writing of any change to the terms and conditions.
  16. The permit is only valid at the following car parks for a maximum of three hours per day whilst using the centres facilities with no return within one hour:
    • Riverside Undercroft Car Park (We ask that you park here first, if it is full, you may use the Riverside Main Car Park instead).
    • Waterloo Lane No.2 Car Park
  1. If the account holder's use of the centre exceeds three hours, a valid car park ticket must be purchased.

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